A powerful new add-on for CADET® BRAF that increases the sensitivity for detection of canine bladder and prostate cancers to >95 %






CADET® BRAF-PLUS provides enhanced detection of canine transitional cell carcinoma/urothelial carcinoma (TCC/UC), the most common form of canine bladder and prostate cancer. Our flagship product, CADET® BRAF, uses state of the art molecular ‘liquid biopsy’ technology to analyze free-catch urine samples for the presence of cells bearing a mutation in the canine BRAF gene. Our research has shown that this mutation is present in 85% of confirmed cases of canine TCC/UC but is not found in the urine of healthy dogs, or from dogs that have benign bladder polyps, inflammation or chronic cystitis.

CADET® BRAF-PLUS now provides further evaluation of those dogs that present with clinical signs consistent with TCC/UC but for which no BRAF mutation is detected. Our comprehensive analysis of thousands of clinical specimens has shown that the CADET® BRAF-PLUS add-on detects more than 2/3 of the TCC/UC cases that are not identified by CADET® BRAF. The combination of these two assays therefore increases the sensitivity for detection of canine TCC/UC to greater than 95%, providing a tremendously powerful, reliable and non-invasive strategy for reliable and timely diagnosis of this cancer.

How do I submit specimens for analysis using CADET® BRAF-PLUS ?

CADET® BRAF and CADET® BRAF-PLUS are available to veterinary professionals exclusively through Antech Diagnostics.

To order CADET® BRAF sample submission supplies:

If you have additional questions, please call Antech customer services on 1-800-745-4725.