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CADET® BRAF for Diagnosis & Monitoring of Canine TCC/UC

Designed for veterinary professionals, order this product to aid the diagnosis of TCC/UC in symptomatic cases and also for monitoring BRAF-positive tumors during treatment. This product includes expedited test results that are provided to the clinic within 2-3 business days of receipt at the testing laboratory.


Antech Diagnostics is now the exclusive distributor of CADET®BRAF service packs. These products will no longer be available through the Sentinel Biomedical website, and will only be available for ordering by veterinary clinics.

To order CADET® BRAF sample submission supplies:

If you currently have unexpired Sentinel Biomedical CADET® BRAF service packs in the clinic, please contact Antech customer services on 1-800-745-4725 to arrange collection of samples.

Any dog owners who have existing unexpired CADET® BRAF service packs can submit those samples using the shipping supplies provided by Sentinel Biomedical, as per the instructions supplied with the service pack.

If you have additional questions, please call Antech customer services on 1-800-745-4725.



All dogs shed cells from their bladder and urinary tract each time they pass urine. CADET® BRAF detects the presence of cells in the urine that contain mutated copies of the dog BRAF gene. Detection of the BRAF mutation is indicative that the dog has a TCC/UC.

CADET® BRAF offers a forensic level of detection, so sensitive that it can detect TCC/UC with as few as ten mutant-bearing cells in the urine sample. Combined with a specially formulated urine preservation agent and optimized DNA extraction process, CADET® BRAF can detect the presence of TCC/UC several months before any clinical signs of disease are present.


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